Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WHITE blog

Alright, people, so far so good. WHITE blog is now up and operational. So we've established the extremes of the COLOR gamma ({BLACK}, GREY, WHITE) also up is GREEN, which you are reading. Project Crosslink underway.


NEWSFLASH: St. Valentine WAS GAY!!!

And if you don't believe me - do your own research!

Homework assignment: a) tell 3 of your friends about this blog b) make sure at least one of them subscribes. Prizes and stickers galore for the teacher Gheny's most loyal pets!!!

P.S.: Comrade bloggers, do go to the FeedBurner website - it's that lil banner that says "I heart fire" to the right. You'll thank me later for this.

!BC: More Mature BC

Here we go again, as I mentioned, in order to share traffic evenly within the Project Crosslink, and since I don't believe in reposting, we'll link up more mature Brain Carpentry from Vodka Memoirs. Step r-r-right up-ah! (Nekkid Trucker and T-bones show on CmdyCent RAWKZ!)

We'll start ya off w/ a lil contest I'm running at Vodka Memoirs in order to attract traffic. A whole free Mr. Andy Jackson! No lie. Also on the menu today is one of the first chapters of my new bio-fictional novel, this chapter is titled "Matt and Tim" - enjoy. And a little piece on my life in a nutshell. Leave your comments and presents of expensive booze over here, if you're not a MaySpice user!

As always, due to MaySpice being wa-ay into its own gender, links may not function correctly - we'll work it out.

Monday, February 12, 2007

FeedBurner Бля - cool tool


Gheny's Blog Empire

Today we're gonna officially start Project Crosslink in order to establish my Blog Impire. Every now and then w/ the help of Technorati we'll check on how much all of the color coded blogs are worth. Colors will be determined by the main color of the blog. This blog, Brain Carpentry, for example, is coded as GREEN. Vodka Memoirs is coded as GREY. Russian blog on LiveJournal, }{EHbKA's blog, is currently under severe weather due to lack of Cyrilic thoughts, but is still coded as BLACK. I'll be adding color codes as we go. The goal is to hit US$1 Million jointly w/o stepping out of the regular color rainbow (BLACK = no color, WHITE = all-color blend): RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, SKY BLUE, NAVY BLUE, PURPLE. 9 colors alltogether w/ extremes. So basically all I need to do is to make each one out of 9 be worth a little over US$100K. I think it's doable.

Progress will be tracked and logged over the entire rainbow in order to attract even amounts of traffic to all colors. Whoever doesn't like the decentralized system can go fuck themselves.

! UPDATE: Since I lost the damn password from the Russian blog, and the GREY blog is already there, we'll count the additional, non-rainbow color GREY, as the even mix between BLACK (inactive due to the above) and WHITE (non-existants yet). Hence, the number of colors is up to 10.

! UPDATE: Also, we'll shoot for 1 platform - 1 blog policy. But it's gonna be hard to promote, since some platforms aren't all that HTML-friendly, and it was the reason I stepped away from MySpace. Google Blogger (BlogSpot) is pretty good, and I'm enjoying it immensly so far.

Our goal here at Project Crosslink is to make US$1 Million out of nothing, so to tell you honestly, I'll not entertain any suggestions of paid web-hosting with MySQL and PHP capability. Why pay for shit and fuck with scripts if everything is already on avail? Kapish'?

Homework assignment: go to the Russian blog and read up. If you can't read Russian, learn it asap. Class dismissed.

MEDVED = flashmob (fast)

Anywho, you're probably wandering what's up with the Cyrilic buttons to the right. The one up top certifies me as an Olbanian-communicable padonak. The one below it simply greets you in Olbanian. To learn more about Medved, ruNet flashmobs and LiveJournal go here.

Homework assignment: read up on Medved and PREVED! on Wikipedia.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'd settle for US$1K (cash)

Prices are rapidly jumping. This needs reviewed, new price is US$1K (cash).

Homework assignment: go register your ass at Technorati, you'll thank me later.

!BC: Prehistoric BC

Ok, here we go. As I stated in my recent update at Vodka Memoirs, my brickabrack MySpace literary experiment, Brain Carpentry is moving on past the daughterly project to the more HTML-friendly platform here on Google Blogger. To start you off with a couple of older BC posts, however, we'll need to link back to the mothership, as I don't believe in reposting.

So here we are, with some prehistoric BC. A small piece on where I'm from. A witty blog on some life outlooks. Something about unknown world of dreams. And finally some outlooks on love and dating along with a small helping of praise for sluts. Enjoy.

Psst, links may not be working due to MaySpice being attracted to its own sex. Workin' on it.